You burnt bright but you run out

I can't shake this little feeling

Eoin - Too sexy for my shirt
This Journal is friends-only for privacy reasons.
Check out my interests list to see if we have things in common.
I love new friends but I want to know where you found me so comment to be added.
Credit for the friends only banner to uselesslines

Credit for the Luna Lovegood header to heimweh26

Round two
Eoin - Too sexy for my shirt

I'm doing a MINOR friends cut.

Reasons I may have cut you:
+We just didn't hit it off, I never read your entries.
+I don't remember when or why I friended you
+You never update or comment

If you feel I cut you in error please feel free to comment in here and we will discuss it. Comments on this entry are screened.

If you haven't been removed already, I will not be removing you in this cut and you don't need to ask to stay :]

Thanks for reading; take care.

Eoin - Too sexy for my shirt
I've just done a minor friends cut with more to come, perhaps.

Reasons you may have been cut:

1. I don't remember why I friended you
2. We don't have anything in common or we just haven't hit it off as lj-friends
3. You haven't updated or commented or anything in a while (like months)
4. I just don't have time for 129 friends and I felt bad about not commenting on your journal
NOTE: I really only deleted about 15 people and it was people that I really haven't seen around in ages.
I may delete a couple more based on other parameters but don't worry too much :]

If you feel you have been deleted in error or would like to be added back to my list, PM me or message me here, comments are screened. I am willing to add some people back or reveal why I deleted you.
Farewell and take care
xo Emilia


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